When MEN take themselves SERIOUSLY: VICE CEO Shane Smith interviews American President Barak Obama

 VICE CEO Shane Smith, The Crown's Dumb-00, interviews the President of the United States
and LLWAM’s undercover Cougar co-Anchor chimes in with her various implied orifi 


First Order of Business: Shane Smith asks Barak Obama if he is a Masochist. ????????? As I have oft reported: Shane Smith is a Masochist. I am his Dominatrix. I am also Barak Obama’s Dominatrix. They have much more in common than they think! In my professional opinion, who is the bigger Masochist? - Shane Smith. He’s also the bigger man, height to weight ratio, from what I can see oTV, which means this acting like Obama is the more powerful of the two of them is… Masochistic

 "And yet remarkably despite legions of dossiers and media hounds, I have no Idea what is going on in neighboring Canada has to do with present interviewer Shane Smith."  
"That's Okay President Obama I also have no idea our insane mutual mistress is about to invade your country, and the whole time she was using my obsequious Canadian self-deprecation to lay the groundwork!"


Barak Obama says he is in a prime position to see what is going on in the world and to have as much of an impact on global events as is possible and this is a "fun job". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah. Ever heard of the Fun Party interNational Utopian-Anarchist rEvolution led by .... Andrea Coates, Obumba? I didn’t think so. I dont think you have a clue where politics be headed. *Pats his shoulder*

in most hilarious feminist victory since Tamar and Judah


By so far this interview is uuuuuh banal.


Barak Obama: the kind of man I gotta respect for keeping his wedding ring on while I flog him.



I am so bored with this chat. When are they going to take their clothes off and make out while I throw snowballs at them?




Oh. My. God. Shane. This. Is. Boring. Compared. To. My. Imagination. Where u & Obumby realize u fuck the same expensive prostitute at the same time. Now that's what I call bilateral relations!

What you thought no one was ever going to invent male-objectification-porn for smart chiks? 
Or u thought smart chiks are like admiring of Presidents and CEOs?


According to Shane Smith, young people are angry with the political game being played but don’t know what to do about it. He asks Obama for advice on behalf of the angry, disempowered youth he represents with his media business suit. Um. Shane? I pretty much know what to do. But your Gen Y employees keep deliberately invalidating me and you keep ignoring my blog posts trying to explain the whole world-politics-power-corruption situation-ratio to you.


After a lot of preamble, Obama recommends…wait for it…VOTE! As a means by which young people can CHANGE America! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. VOTE for whom? Liberals? Democrats? Republicans? Conservatives? Greens? You? That guy from the ‘CHANGE’ poster? He’s right youngsters: instead of getting out there and being the CHANGE you want to see, you should VOTE somebody older wiser and richer into the position to barely do that job for you. VOTE is the most goddamn useless, pedantic, superficial thing you could have possibly said, to the question of how young people can make political CHANGE, Obama. It’s the equivalent of telling people they can curb climate warming by buying a different brand of lightbulb.


“I think we’re going to have to embark on a completely different style of government. A government that both accepts its responsibilities to be open and transparent, but also a population that doesn’t mind lifting the veil to see how sausages are made. That there is a dual responsibility in changing towards more open and transparent functioning, that really will go to a deep shift in how… government… operates.”
[Trudeau] stressed these three words. And then he went on for another 500 words.
“Once I look at the trend lines in democracy, the empowering of citizens and activists, I know that the government of the future is going to be very, very different than governments of the past. And there will have to be learning done, both by governments, breaking old habits, and by citizens, shifting their expectations. But I know we’re going there eventually and it’s a question of whether we want to step forward with that with confidence and optimism, knowing that we’re going to stumble, knowing that it’s going to provide challenges, or whether we get dragged there kicking and screaming by mobs with pitchforks, metaphorical of course…”  
Justin One Xample


Democracy isn’t dysfunctional because people don’t VOTE, Obama: people don’t VOTE because democracy is dysfunctional. That’s why I’ve decided to topple your government by first pointedly making fun of your lackadaisical bullshit on the internet and then taking the initiative to fuck you and Shane Smith at the same time, afterwhich you will be eternally beholden to me and my cracks-in-the-concrete FrEcoutopian ideas about how to organize countries and communities. But you wouldn’t recommend that approach to the average idealistic youngster oTV would you? Like your daughters? "Yes Andrea Coates is my friend. Yes she's the world's most powerful woman and living proof feminism has a real-world application. But dont try to be like her, girls. Just VOTE. Please." Masochist.


Obama goes on about preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons. America has how many nuclear weapons again? Iran is afraid of who again for which they want nuclear weapons? Blab la blab la bla HYPOCRICY. What makes you so much better than Iran, America the Brave? You dont want Iran to get nuclear weaponry? Why don’t you destroy all of your nuclear weapons, America. It's like these MEN OF PUBLIC POLICY have never been to a kindergarden or had a conversation with their wives that wasnt about themselves.


Can we Obumba? Can we trust you? To follow through on an agreement? Like that you would change something before you left office? Personally I dont trust any ostensible family-man in a positon of socio-political power. That might just be because I got mind-raped by one ( check the neat personality I got out of that experience! I call it - refined coke whore lolita, and it can be yours, for a price ), but it might also be because I'm onto something about what is human power as relates to certain agreements you made you're not going to be able to follow through on, Barak, because you care more about the public appearance of power than actual power.

like the one instance when Shane's face changes during the whole interview
and within seconds we're back  


Shane Smith says legalizing marijuana would be the most signifigant thing Barak Obama could do for his legacy according to young people on the internet who tweet @VICE. President Obama says:

Like he has some sort of right to decide what young people should and shouldn’t find important, like he doesn’t see the connection between antiquated drug policy and the tenability of American “Democracy”. This calls for my classic torch song, which I intend to sing on the lawn of the White House.

Maybe I should impeach Obama for what he said about legalizing marijuana not being important compared to matters that have nothing to with the absurdity of a government banning marijuana.


Barak Obama: President of the United States of America: a levelheaded politician clueless about where threats to American “Democratic” Supremacy be coming from these days: his own masochistic bi-curious penis on drugs.